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calligraphy design is "cicle of life" poem from my "what i remember and what i've leanred" poetry and calligraphy book


life is nothing but a silence
and in this silence there is pleasure
and in this pleasure there is desire
and in this desire there is experience
and in this experience there is life

زندگى سكوتى بيش نيست
‎و در اين سكوت لذتى ست
‎و در اين لذت اشتياقى ست
‎و در اين اشتياق تجربه اى ست
‎و در اين تجربه زندگى ست


unisex hoodie - circle of life

  • this humble hooded sweatshirt isn't all that humble! it has personality, poetry and a point of view.


    • 52% cotton, 48% poly fleece
    • regular fit
    • model wearing size S
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