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"i don not undrestand" is a poem from my recetly released poetry calligraphy book "what i remember what i've learned".


i do not understand immortality 

the philosophy of loneliness 

i do not understand life without you

as if I was born yesterday

and you, tomorrow

i do not understand your understanding 

and my misunderstanding

ابديت را نمی فهمم

فلسفه ى تنهايى 

بى تو زندگى را

انگار كه منِ امروزى ديروز به دنيا آمده ام 

و توِ امروزى فردا

فهمِ تو 

و نفهمی خود را نمی فهمم

i do not undrestand

SKU: 08122021
    • limited edition and exclusive to 2021
    • 5" x 5" square calligraphy art
    • 100% cotton paper
    • 10" x 10" museum quality frame w/ solid wood and glass cover
    • tabletop or maounted, mounting hardware is included
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