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"tree of life" is a poem from my recetly released poetry calligraphy book "what i remember what i've learned"


every beginning has an end

every end is a beginning for another end

if hanging and alive 

if sitting on the ground

like a fruit on the tree

it has an endless cycle

life is a circle 

you and i the axis of this circle

هر آغازى را پايانى ست

هر پايانى آغازى براى پايانى ديگر 

چه سرزنده و آويزان 

چه افتاده بر زمين

مثلِ ميوه اى بر درخت

چرخشى دارد بى پايان

زندگى دايره ايست

من و تو محورى از دايره

tree of life

SKU: 06042021
    • 5" x 5" square calligraphy art
    • 100% cotton paper
    • 10" x 10" museum quality frame w/ solid wood and glass cover
    • tabletop or maounted, mounting hardware is included
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