"my word" is a  poem from my recently released poetry calligraphy book "what i remember what i've learned" and the first poem i wrote when i immigrated to united states.


my word is my thought, it’s not without a path 

my thought is one with me, i'm not ill 

if it discomforts you, this is your pain

my word is not meant to treat these pains

حرفِ من فكر من ست، بيراه نيست

فكرِ من با من يكى ست، بيمار نيست

گر تو را آزار دهد دردِ تو است

حرف من درمان اين دردها نيست

my word

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    • limited edition and exclusive to 2021
    • 5" x 5" square calligraphy digital art
    • 100% cotton paper
    • 10" x 10" museum quality frame w/ solid wood and glass cover
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