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"inner mirror" is a poem from my recently released poetry calligraphy book "what i remember what i learned"


have you looked at yourself in the mirror 

or that you have measured yourself from within

from one place to another

from one language to another

you're searching to find your purpose in this being

unaware that your purpose is

nowhere but within

تا به حال خود را در آينه نگاه كرده اى

يا كه خود را از درون سنجيده اى 

از محیطی به محیطی دیگر

از زبانى به زبانى ديگر

به دنبال جايگاه خود هستى در اين هستى

غافل از آن كه جايگاه تو

جايى نيست جز در درونِ تو

inner mirror

SKU: 041921
    • 5" x 5" square calligraphy art
    • 100% cotton paper
    • 10" x 10" museum quality frame w/ solid wood and glass cover
    • custom double matting
    • tabletop or maounted, mounting hardware is included
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